Your Lofts – Your Luxury Home Away from Home!

Your Lofts

Your Lofts – A Home Away from Home!

One thing that everyone could easily agree on would be that your holiday accommodation can make or break your trip. If your accommodation is disrupting your sleep or comfort, it’s only going to make the rest of your trip go downward too. So, when it comes to holiday accommodations, why not consider luxury lofts?

These are the perfect accommodations that feel like a home away from home, something hotels can’t offer. But it goes beyond that too. From a romantic getaway from a couple or a family-friendly holiday, here is why the luxury of Your Lofts makes the perfect option for your next Newcastle holiday.

Stylish Interiors

What sets apart Your Lofts from traditional hotels and other forms of holiday accommodation is the stylish interiors. Most holiday accommodations look outdated as if the furniture and the interior are from the 1980s. Outdated spaces have a way of making the atmosphere in a room look and feel uncomfortable. When you’re with us, we want you to feel right at home, and we know matching furniture, generic art, and unflattering window treatments just don’t do the trick. Each one of our lofts is beautifully decorated with modern furniture, countertops, kitchen appliances, and décor. We strive for elegance and style, and we’re confident that you will feel right at home during your stay.

Environmentally Friendly

Slow travel is in, and it’s so important for travellers to consider sustainability and their environmental impact when traveling. Oftentimes, holiday accommodation can be far from eco-friendly. Tucked into one of the most beloved cities in the UK, Newcastle, here at Your Lofts, we support and work towards saving the environment. We’re located just in between the suburbs of Jesmond and Ouseburn, so just a skip and a hop away from the city centre of Newcastle. We love supporting locals and will always suggest the fun, family-friendly museums and quirky restaurants surrounding Your Lofts. There is plenty to see and do, which is why Your Lofts is perfect for slow travel.

We go a step beyond this, too, for holiday accommodations. Our lofts were designed not only for luxury but with sustainability in mind. From the furniture to the appliances, we focus on energy-efficientness and eco-friendliness. Our location is perfect for walking or using public transportation to get to wherever you need.

Extra Space

One of the major disadvantages of hotel rooms is the lack of space. Even suites tend to be on the smaller side. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or you’re opting for slow travel for several weeks, having a small space just feels uncomfortable, no matter the number of guests. Besides, how can you expect to be comfortable if you and your suitcase can barely fit? Fortunately, with Your Lofts, you can expect to feel a lot more comfortable and a lot less claustrophobic. Our lofts are very spacious, with most of our lofts accommodating up to four guests. We know the importance of extra space for sleeping, lounging, and cooking.

More Convenient

Convivence is a major factor when trying to select holiday accommodation. Not only are you going to want something that’s affordable, but the amenities are going to play a crucial factor, plus the location too. The convenience of accommodation shouldn’t mean you can’t indulge in luxury and vice versa. 

The Chelmsford Lofts provides both the convenience of home living (while you’re away from home), such as having a kitchen filled with all your cooking needs, but still offering the glamor of being on vacation thanks to the gorgeous interiors, one of a kind service, and the beauty of the surroundings. Offering eight different lofts for two to four guests, give yourself the convivence and luxury you need that hotels and Airbnb just can’t provide!

Ideal for Couples and Families

When it comes to holiday accommodations, hotels don’t necessarily cater to families. Not unless you’re able to afford a large suite or a two hotel rooms, you can expect to pay a lot of money. But when it comes to Your Lofts, this is how we stand out! We understand flexibility and budgeting. So, whether you’re a couple coming to Newcastle for a romantic getaway or you’re a family of four wanting to do something different for your family holiday, just know that Your Lofts can be the best choice!